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Hi All
Sorry if this thread has been covered before, new to list! :wave:

bit of background first
I own 3 landys, a S11A 1964 (most reliable) a ser 3 1973 lightweight(most troublsome)
and a freelander (most expensive).

The ser 3 has a V8 fitted,I have only had it 3 months so havent got used to its moods yet :bgreen:
The problems i have had so far stem from curbs,on long runs it is fine, no problems, on short journeys it has a tendancy to flood, overflow carbs, I ordered a service kit from Burlen fuel (good service & recommended!) which i have fitted, still same problem, I then ordered a fuel pressure regulator to slow/ regulate delivery pressure of fuel going into carbs, I have yet to give her a road test but i am hopefull!
Anyone have similar problems?
how did you cure it? :drink1:

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are the inlet outlet pipes on the fuel system the correct way round had the same problem with a hybrid a few years ago.If they are check the tank return pipe is clear and not kinked.
Cheers Onz
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