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Hi All,

Does anyone know if I can get my hands on cheap vac advance unit for my Disco (89/90 V8 Carb) I managed to knock mine off the dizzy this morning!

I'm looking for UK suppliers.

I was fitting a new hose to the water pump and inlet manifold (that took some swearing! - I imagine it was a bit like trying to get a baby back in!)

The truck stills runs as flat and gutless as it ever did - so I imagine the unit has been dead for a long time...

Many thanks (in advance )

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Mark, the advance unit is a Lucas unit and is used on many Distributors. I would guess most suppliers could get it to you. Carb'd V8 engines are often vacuum RETARD, not advance, meaning that the vacuum line is connected to the inside of the carbs on the intake manifold. The advance unit has barbs to connect the hose to be run as either vacuum advance, or vacuum retard.
Stepping on the throttle of the carb'd engine opens the plates, and vaccum drops, allowing the diaphragm to relax, pulling the breaker plate to an advance position. On EFI engines, vacuum is nil on the advance unit till the throttle opens and then there is a short gulp of vacuum, pulling the diaphragm, and allowing acceleration till the mechanical weights hold the advance.
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