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Since you don't mention any SERVICE ENGINE SOON light or codes, I'll presume you haven't had any. That would seem to rule out any vacuum lines connected to the intake system.

... I am thinking of a cracked vacuum reservoir. Problem is...where is it?
Where is what? Where is the leak, or where it the vacuum reservoir? The DII does not have a vacuum reservoir.

... Another symptom is when I use the cruise control and it gets me to speed for about 2 minutes then it does it again and again, etc. which is clearly indicative of a vacuum leak. Any help? Thanks!!
On the DII, the cruise control vacuum system is separate from the vac lines connected to the intake. There is a cruise control vacuum pump that, I think, likely operates only when the cruise control switch on the binnacle is in the On position (i.e. the light on cruise control button is illuminated). Do you hear the whistling all the time, or only when the cruise control is switched on?

There is a hose that runs from the cruise control vac pump to the cruise control actuator. It's a common failure point, and thankfully inexpensive and easy to replace. I recommend checking it, or just replacing it.
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