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Brake Vacuum Pump

Mechanic told me the vacuum pump is the main leak I need to consider fixing. Anyone messed with this. At work so I dont have the workshop manual with me. Quoted me at around $600. Found it on one site besides local land rover dealer. Not sure if its what i need because it has no pictures. He told me vacuum pump sits under the air cleaner. The truck is at the shop until tomorrow. Any suggestions on whether or not I should do it myself? Anyone have any good links for Land Rover Parts?

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Power Brake Actuation - Brake Vacuum PumpI6 3.2L Petrol
Removal and Installation
• NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details.
Remove the cover and disconnect the battery ground cable.
Refer to: Specifications (414-00 Battery and Charging System -
General Information, Specifications).
Remove the engine cover.
Refer to: Engine Cover - I6 3.2L Petrol (501-05 Interior Trim and
Ornamentation, Removal and Installation).
Remove the battery tray.
Refer to: Battery Tray (414-01 Battery, Mounting and Cables,
Removal and Installation).
Remove the air cleaner assembly.
Refer to: Air Cleaner (303-12B Intake Air Distribution and Filtering -
TD4 2.2L Diesel, Removal and Installation).
Remove the A/C compressor, upper support bracket.
M10 45 Nm
M8 25 Nm
M6 10 Nm
Disconnect the brake booster vacuum line from the brake vacuum
1 of 2 29/10/2011 15:21
7. NOTE: Make sure that this component is installed to
the noted removal position.
Remove the brake vacuum pump.
Torque: 17 Nm
1. NOTE: Make sure that the component is clean, free of foreign
material and lubricant.
To install, reverse the removal procedure.

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I think I narrowed it down

So I took apart the brake vacuum pump from the engine, looks like there is a sign of leakage. Mechanic told me that you have to buy the pump because there is no breakdown. This is correct for the break apart of the pump, there is a seal that mounts between the pump and the engine though. I think this is the culprit. Damn, I should have taken pictures.. Will post some when I replace the seal. Oh by the way it is not a standard size o-ring seal you would find in a kit. If this is the case, I will be saving almost $600. :buttrock:


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Vacuum Pump Ordered

Looks like the seal wasn't the problem. It is the pump housing leaking. Wish I could find a rebuild kit for the pump instead of sinking $204.00 into a new pump. Anyone know where to find rebuild kits for pumps like these? The part # for the vacuum pump is LR009388 and the seal that seals it to CVT housing is LR017021.

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LR2 has same 3.2 engine as Volvo S80 and the vacuum pump does appear rebuildable with Volvo kit:

Kit: Volvo OEM Rebuild Kit (31401556) $64 for 2 seals and new screws at local Volvo dealer.
Pump: Volvo OEM Brake Vacuum Pump. Part No. 31401152 & 31219778 (pump will actually show 6G9N-2A451-AF (or AG or AH). It's a FoMoCo (Ford) part made in Germany.

My LR2 pump is actually stamped with FoMoCo (Ford) 6G9N-2A451-AF.
I am original owner, so I know it came this way from LandRover factory.

Google/ebay for pics and prices and rebuilt pumps for about $150.
It looks pretty easy to replace.
Just pop-out the airbox, then remove battery and battery tray
2 bolts secure pump to top right-side of engine.
May need to remove Top Alternator Bracket (2 more bolts)
1-2 hours, maybe. Any mechanic or mechanically included person could do it -- way cheaper than LandRover dealer

Search Youtube for video titled: "2008 Volvo XC90 brake Booster Vacuum Pump Rebuild"
Things you have to remove to get to pump are a little different, but give good overview removing pump itself.
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