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LR2 has same 3.2 engine as Volvo S80 and the vacuum pump does appear rebuildable with Volvo kit:

Kit: Volvo OEM Rebuild Kit (31401556) $64 for 2 seals and new screws at local Volvo dealer.
Pump: Volvo OEM Brake Vacuum Pump. Part No. 31401152 & 31219778 (pump will actually show 6G9N-2A451-AF (or AG or AH). It's a FoMoCo (Ford) part made in Germany.

My LR2 pump is actually stamped with FoMoCo (Ford) 6G9N-2A451-AF.
I am original owner, so I know it came this way from LandRover factory.

Google/ebay for pics and prices and rebuilt pumps for about $150.
It looks pretty easy to replace.
Just pop-out the airbox, then remove battery and battery tray
2 bolts secure pump to top right-side of engine.
May need to remove Top Alternator Bracket (2 more bolts)
1-2 hours, maybe. Any mechanic or mechanically included person could do it -- way cheaper than LandRover dealer

Search Youtube for video titled: "2008 Volvo XC90 brake Booster Vacuum Pump Rebuild"
Things you have to remove to get to pump are a little different, but give good overview removing pump itself.
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