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New here, but not to Land Rovers or British cars in general. I've come across a 2000 HSE 4.6 Holland and Holland with 144,000 miles on the clock. Interior nice with some checking of the wood. Exterior rust free with a couple of small dents (very minor). The guy is asking $8500. I have not spoken to him yet, but I wanted to get a little info first. Questions:

1. Assume everything works like it should and it's got a good maintenance history, what are they worth?
2. What are some things to ask about specifically?
3. Known trouble spots?


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Hi dr bill
Quite limited production (125 u.s.units)I think
Full maintenance records are a huge plus.
I'm sure it is worth more than the average 2000 Range Rover but how much is hard to say.
Engine of course is likely your biggest "watch out" and head gaskets being done is not necessarily a plus.
I would think if everything is nice, clean and reasonably dry, maintenance records check out including collision repairs it could be $6 -8000?
Definitely will vary from one geographic market to the next.
I would think the holland and holland upgrades are more of a plus for a buyer than they are seller features so may be in your favour!
What are similar non holland and holland trucks going for in your area?
Have it looked at by an independent *reputable * Land Rover specialist if possible
Good luck
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