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Valve cover gasket

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Hi all, I'm doing some work to my newly purchased 04 disco. I've come down to the last major thing on my list, I wanted to remove valve covers and replace gaskets, because their leaking in the back corners. I was able to wiggle the passenger side cover off through all the crap around, but can't get the drivers side off. Do I have to discharge a/c to remove that cover? Also can I clean and reuse old gaskets, get new ones or can I use RTV. Thanks
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Just valve cover gaskets are pretty reasonable. If they are leaking, probably shouldn't reuse. And the rtv won't hold up as good as a thick rubber gasket

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You do not need to discharge the A/C to do this, however, to do it right, you should remove the upper plenum and replace the valve cover gaskets, the plenum deicer, the upper plenum gasket and for the Loge Of God, if you're doing this, please take the time to replace the plug wires.

I have all the parts you'll need in stock. Give my son Colin a call at 260-418-9540 and he can set you up with what you need and ship on Monday.
I just did the tear down on this job. RAVE tells you to remove the A/C compressor and set it aside but you don't need to disconnect it. It's just four bolts and taking the belt off.

I found that was the easiest way for me to tackle that job. then you can just lift the valve cover right off.

EDIT: The RAVE Manual Recommends installing the Gaskets dry and not to use RTV.

What i found is that the reason my valve cover gaskets were leaking is the screws on the outside had backed themselves out and when they started leaking they had caused some damage to the gaskets. It also recommends a two stage diagnol torquing pattern. 3 Nm and 8 Nm (2.5 lb-ft, 6 lb-ft) That is not a lot of torque so make sure you have a low range torque wrench. I've broken a few tiny bolts in my life and I know that a low range torque wrench is well worth its price.
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