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Valve cover Gasket

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I have visible oil leak from the cover. Does any one have a source to a step by step instruction with picture?

Will appreciate your help and suggestion
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Its in the RAVE SayeedAustin.
as per attached pic under engine
the only thing I would add is that when you remove the old ones the steel rings in the gasket will fall out dont lose them - last thing you need is losing one down the oil feed. when the cover was off I cleaned out the bolt holes with brake cleaner so locktite would have a clean grip and when I put the bolts back in i used locktite blue. If you dont the little buggers will back out and its a lot of work to get to the inside ones.


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Thank you. Very helpful. Would you also replace the Manifold gasket as well since it's already open?

Don't a lot of guys try tightening down the bolts before deciding to replace the gasket?
I have done that still leaking. Everything on the Truck is original. I would rather do the replacement. I am concern about taking the Intake out - never done one, but I am mechanically ok to take challenges.

I am thinking to change all the gaskets on my way. I am looking for a step by step direction though.
Land Rover Manuals

all the step by steps you could imagine can all be found here
Thanks - more than enough.
I was also looking for Cliff note version - but this will do
the cliff note version

remove bolts, set aside
remove parts, set aside
remove gaskets, give them the deep 6
place new gaskets
replace parts and bolt accordingly from whence they came
UV x 2 on the cliff notes.
I replaced the manifold gasket - its a little tin one.
Also with the upper manifold off its a good time to replace the spark plug leads if you think its time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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