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has anyone here done any valve seat grinding, valve face grinding, hot tanking the heads, that sort of thing? My motor is loosing coolant through the combustion chambers little by little, and so i figure while I do head gaskets, have the heads refurbished, with new valve stem seals, and have the valves and seats ground.

I have done valve work myself, at college, and found it not complicated, but just wondering if anyone here has done some themselves on Rover motors. The truck's turning 171K miles on me and the motor is getting old, so that's why I ask.

Plus, would anyone think it is taht necessary to have this kinda work done even though I am only doing head gaskets?

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Recommend farming head work out to an automotive machine shop. To correctly service heads, a battery of specialized machine tools are required:

valve seat grinders
valve grinders
milling machine if seat replacment is required
guide knurling / pressing equipment
crack detection equipment
surface plate for checking flatness
blanchard grinder to mill surfaces

Dimensional checks on rocker arms, push rods, rocker shafts can be done with precision tools (micrometer, caliper, precision flats).
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