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I have from a 95 LWB:

Factory Airbag brushguard (excellent shape)
Front Bumper w/ side pieces (good shape)
Front airdam w/ Fogs (lights work, not smashed)
Center console wood piece with H-L shift knob/boot (has a scratch in wood)
1 extremely mint never driven on 205-16 Mich XPC Tire (My old spare)
Rear cargo area spare tire rug cover (piece of carpet that covers the spare tire)
Rear cargo area side piece (beige one that fits around the spare tire)
Tailight guards with all mounting hardware (guards are very rusty, needs refinishing, but a complete factory set)
Various EAS parts (tank, compressor, 1 or 2 sensors, ECU)
Set of 4 Bermach Big Blue Springs (2" version used about a year)
Pair of 1" spring spacers (front ones w/ hole in the center)
Set of 4 Bilstein Shocks for LWB (used about a year)
Bilstein steering stabilizer for RRC/D1 (used about a year)

All parts are in central PA. I do travel frequently to long island, so I could arrange for some sort of delivery between here and there! Email me sven98 at

RED=already sold
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