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Vehicle totally died doing 70mph at night

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Hi there,
I'm looking for other Range Rover owners who have had experiences of their vehicle completely shutting down while driving.
We own a 2011 Range Rover Autobiography and a few nights ago while driving up a dark canyon here in Utah our vehicle just shut down. This car has had relatively low miles on it (25k) for its age and showed no warning lights or inclination that a catastrophic failure was imminent. The local dealership is taking the case seriously and has mentioned it was a battery failure. How can a bad battery all of a sudden completely shut down a vehicle going 70mph on a highway? Would love to hear everyones thoughts on this, thank you!
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I had a 1990 Pontiac 6000LE do that to me. It had a fairly new battery in it and it was t-shirt weather outside. One of the cells in the battery failed, which opens the car's electrical circuit. Think about it like the main breaker in your house getting tripped. If it goes, nothing else will work.
I have a 1993 range rover county LWB. That same exact thing happened to me when I was driving from Atlanta to NYC. I did see signs though ( speedometer and tachtometer would act erratic), then all of a sudden in Greenville SC going almost the same speed, I was going 75mph, the rover just shut down. Luckily there were not a lot of cars on the highway because I was in the far left lane and had to coast all the way to the far right lane. Once I was safely out of harms way, the rover would not turn over not would it go into neutral. Long story short... battery completely died because alternator was not charging it and the rover ran on the battery power for over an hour and a half.

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Dieing Rover

As with any new vehicles on the road today, the cars demand on power has become super sensitive. Rovers consume a ton of juice! Even a low battery can make for a bad day. :drive:
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