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Hi All

I'm a newbie to this site, so I am not aware if this has been discussed before

I have a 99 Disco TD5 Auto. It has a vibration @ around 2200 rpm.

This vibration occurs in all gears including Park and Neutral.

The fact that it occurs in Park and Neutral discounts any drive shaft, wheel balance etc issues.

I have heard some talk about the Torque converter being out of balance on the flex plate.

I have also heard that its not uncommon for TD5's to have this vibration

Does anyone have any ideas??


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I don't have any direct experience with the diesel but for all types of engines, motor mounts could be involved.
Just a thought,
Mike J.

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This may be worth a look

MODEL/DERIVATIVE: Bulletin N o : 0013
New Discovery CDS. Ref: L8494bu
Defender Issue: 1
Date: 20.01.99
All Td5 diesel derivatives prior to:
New Discovery – VIN XA 902200 (System 1)
VIN XA 206157 (System 2)
Defender 99MY – VIN XA 165900
Source of problem may not be obvious. Symptoms such as vibration / resonance
from fascia or various interior trim components may be reported.
Insufficient clamping load on the right hand acoustic cover fixing. The fixing
consists of a shouldered bolt and a grommet. The condition occurs when the bolt
bottoms before the grommet is compressed.
To increase the fixing grommet clamping
load, add one or two plain washers (part
number WA110068L) to the underside of
the bolt head (see illustration).
To prevent cover vibration in this area the
grommet will require to be slightly
compressed, one or two plain washers
will achieve this.
WA110068L – Plain washer – black
(one or two washers as required)
Use Complaint Code: 8Z7W
Use S.R.O.: 12.30.50
Time allowance: 0.10 Hrs

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"Insufficient clamping load on the right hand acoustic cover fixing."

That is certainly worth checking out, thanks.

I am uncertain where this acoustic cover is though, but will check under my car to see if I can locate it

If I look under my car whilst it give it a few revs I can see the gear box vibrate more at the 2200 rpm stage.

Infact, I had to tighten up the handbrakes in the brake drum because something in there was beginning to rattle at that RPM.

This make me think that its more than an acousitic cover

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The acoustic cover is the black plastic cover over the top of the engine.
Now you mention it there was a service action bulletin within the last year about handbrake shoe vibrations,unfortunately i can't remember the details and i don't work within the network any more.I'll try to find out the details,if i get them i'll let you know.
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