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Looking for some help with front end vibration. I have a 2001 D2 with 107000 miles. The truck vibrates at 35 mph and above. I replaced the front shaft with a new shaft but still vibrates. I brought the new shaft to a local drive shaft shop to check balance and every thing was good. The truck does not vibrate with driveshaft removed and CDL locked. I now have chirp coming from the driveline? Could this be a bad front output shaft bearing? The flange has some play with shaft removed.
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I pretty sure its your front output shaft
Chirping is the sound of them before they let loose and take out the tranny....have you checked the rear shaft
Ive had two TW throw the weights before and cause a vibe but the chirping is something I'd pay attn to
If you can jack it up and put jack stands under all 4 corners and put it in neutral and check everything
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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