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Hey guys,

I've got a strange one for you. Started getting a chirp/squeak noise on startup that changes with engine RPM. Lasts for about a minute or two. Upon inspection I found my 1 year old/12k mile aftermarket water pump had a bad pulley bearing and was sloppy and leaking a bit of coolant.

I replaced the water pump with OE as well as both belts (also 1 year old). Still have the exact same chirp/squeak.

Removed both the accessory belt and the supercharger belt. Still squeaks... I'm at a loss now.

If I run the engine above ~2500 RPM, it goes away and will only return (within that 2 minutes) if the RPM drops into a specific range. Once the engine has been running for a couple minutes, the noise will not happen at all, whether at idle or heavy load. It only reappears after the engine is restarted (and usually after the engine has been sitting for 10 minutes or more)

Any ideas?

This has been going on for a month or two. The noise hasn't gotten worse or changed in any way. Today I did get a CEL light on with codes P0101 and P0175 set. Not sure if these would help pin point things down.

I'm really hoping this isn't some kind of internal engine issue.
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