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Video Comparo: Evoque vs Paceman

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Comparing the two most unique vehicles on the market
by Mike Schlee

Full disclosure; these two vehicles are not really competitors. For starters, the Land Rover Evoque Coupe begins at a price of $45,040 while the MINI Paceman undercuts it by nearly half, starting at $23,200. The as tested prices narrow the gap a bit, but the Evoque Coupe Pure Plus still costs $46,640 compared to the Paceman Cooper S ALL4 at $33,200. That gap of $13,440 could buy a Nissan Versa.

And the differences don’t stop there. The Evoque Coupe is 9-inches longer, 7-inches wider, 3-inches taller, 650 lbs. heavier and packs almost 60 more horsepower. So why are we comparing these two? Simply put, they are two of a kind. These vehicles are the only compact crossover coupes on the market. They are the automotive equivalent to thigh high boots; stylish, fun, attention getting, but not the most practical. If two doors, all-wheel drive, a bit of luxury and a high seating position are all priorities on the shopping check list, well, here are your choices.


When Land Rover first brought out the LRX concept vehicle, no one thought the production version would retain that seductive shape, yet it did. Two years into production and the Evoque still turns heads everywhere it goes; especially in coupe form. As part of the Land Rover’s new set of ‘soft-roaders’ that includes the Freelander/LR2, the Evoque is a unibody structure and behaves more like a car than a truck. But don’t think all of the Range Rover DNA is bred out of this crossover as the Evoque does still feature Terrain Response control and can wade in nearly 20-inches of water.

The Paceman on the other hand is a completely different. Whereas the Evoque is the Land Rover family member trying to act like a car, the Paceman is a MINI family member attempting its best impersonation of a SUV. All-new this year, the Paceman is essentially a coupe version of the Countryman, so the similarity between the two shouldn’t come as a surprise. Key differences include a sloping rear roof line, two missing doors, a restyled rear end and the distinct flat-black standard wheels. Other than that, the Paceman looks essential the same as the Countryman. In fact it, it carries such strong family styling cues that it gets lost in the sea of various MINI models; there is no wow factor with this new model.
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