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VIN Info

Here's what CalVIN has to say:

SAL -- Manufacturer code: Land Rover
LD -- Model: Defender (for early models: Ninety, or One Ten)
V -- Wheel base: 92.9 inch, but designated 90
A -- Body type: 2-door: Pickup, hood cab, truck cab, or soft/hard top
C -- Engine type: 2.5 litre diesel (model 12J)
7 -- Steering and transmission: Right-hand drive (RHD), 5-speed manual (LT85, LT77, LT77S, R380 or other)
A -- Model year: 1983, 1984
A -- Assembly location: Solihull, UK
216000 -- Serial number

What a nice tool -- have a look here:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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