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VortexTM Exhaust Technology


Vortex Exhaust Technology unlocks maximum engine efficiency, giving you better bhp,
more torque, more mpg and more enjoyment - whatever you drive.

VortexTM patented exhaust products are unique and have created a new generation of exhaust technologies that improve volumetric efficiency and eliminates back pressure.

Back-pressure is a big problem for our engines. The engine needs to
get rid of burnt gas in order to work; but the flow is blocked by catalytic converters, filters, silencers and baffles - all added by law to reduce certain emissions and noise.

Cool intake air clashes at 800-1100Co with high pressure hot gas and makes a highly volatile mix that creates NOx, particulates and wastes 10-30% of the engine’s efficiency. This back-pressure results in turbo lag, loss of MPG, reduced bhp and torque, reduced engine life and higher emissions.

Vortex Exhaust Technology is the only technology that eliminates back‐pressure, delivering better bhp, more torque, more MPG and significantly reduced emissions.

For further enquiries : 01375 372 037 / 07749933762


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