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Vortex has been working hard on Research and development for the Landrover direct fit applications and is planning to have the complete range by the end on 2017.

The List so far.

Model :

Defender 90 - 2007 - 2015 - Available Now

Defender 110 -2007 - 2015 - Available Now

Defender 90 (Bolt In) -2007 - 2015 - Available Now

Defender 110 (Bolt In) -2007 - 2015 - Available Now

Defender 90 - 2.5TD5 - 1998 - 2007 - Available Now

Defender 110 - 2.5TD5 - 1998 - 2007 - Available Now

What can you expect from Vortex Direct fit systems

1) 10% More Power
2) 10% More Torque
3) 10 - 15% Fuel savings
4) UpTo 36% Cut in Co2 Emissions

For More Information

Email : [email protected]
Tel : 01375 372037


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Lee, forgive my intrusion into the Defender portion of this site as I drive a Sport, but after going to the Vortex site I have a few professional critiques:

1-the site has a recursive link: the "Find your ultimate exhaust system" box on multiple pages is a link that merely opens a new window of the same page.
2-Multiple image icons have the red "x" indicating that the image is not found at the path specified.
3-Under the "Exhaust Technology" page, there is a text box under this notice: "Vortex is the ONLY exhaust technology available that effectively eliminates back pressure, improving engine efficiency, boosting power and cutting emissions." that is done in a text color that is nearly impossible to read.
4-On the "Search" page, the top links (Home, Applications, Exhaust Technology, Contact) are the same color as the background and only show up when hovered over.
5-Under "Applications: 4x4 Exhausts", the Range Rover link is broken and locks the browser (link is: This link is the same for all "Applications" except for "DPF Cleaning".
6-There is no list of current applications for your exhaust systems.
7-I cannot find a cost associated with any of the exhaust systems.

Do you have a software developer maintaining your site or is it in house?

Also, your Facebook link ( is inop as well.

Sorry for the laundry list, but thought you might like to know.

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