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There are quite a number of Discos of that vintage for sale. I didn't see your location, that might help find something in your area. You can always use autoTrader. Bear Valley in GA also seems to carry D1s every once in a while.

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I'll sell you my 97 for 10k :)

3" RTE lift
3" RTE corrected front links
RTE Johnny Jointed rear links
RTE SS break lines f/r
RTE 2" body lift
RTE diff guards
Detroit rear locker
TT front diff
Rear HD axles
Front HD axles and CV's
33" swampers
Steel wheels
9k winch
front winch bumper
HD rear bumper
new 4.6L motor, with stuff
Lots of dents/body damage
and other stuff........

NO, I'm not parting it......

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OK, I was not really serious when I posted, the first time, on selling my truck. But, due to the number of e-mails, and PM's I have received, I will let it go for the right price.....

I don't "want" to sell, and I surley do not have to sell it. If I did sell it, I would just built up my 99D1. So, I'm really not gaining anything by selling....

But, if someone is really interested, I will let it go for $12,500.00, no less. It has over 7500.00 worth of accesories on it, and I just dropped about 3k on the 4.6 motor. 12,500.00 is a little high for a 97 disco I know. But, to sell it for less just does not make sence, on my end...
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