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The winch was just 100% rebuilt by Warn. We sent it in and had the brake replaced, the solenoid replaced, the motor replaced w/ cables. We coated the winch with POR-15 for protection and it also comes with a new 15' controller.

The winch comes with no line but we can supply you with one of our Synthetic Lines at a discount if you purchase the winch.Lines are viewable at

To give you an idea these winches were used the Land Rover Camel Trophy events over the 10+ year running time, this winch is used by rock crawlers all around because it has such a high line speed and can spool up to 150' of synthetic cable! I personally used this winch removed a 2004 Dodge Hemi 4 door, fully loaded with 4 large guys inside. The truck was burried over the 1/4 way mark on the doors. 2 other big Dodges tried repeatedly to snatch the truck for over 2 hours and it wouldn't budge. I ended up pulling the truck out on the first try with my 87 Range Rover using this winch. It is truly amazing how much power this winch packs!

Shipping to anywhere in the US at buyers expense. Keep in mind this winch retails new for over $1000.00 and this unit is just a new as one of those from a mechanical stand point.We are asking $650obo for the winch.

Below are the spec's from WARN's website: M8274-50 SELF-RECOVERY WINCHLoved by off-roaders who compete, the WARN M8274-50 is one of our fastest winches. No load retrieval speed is 73.4 feet per minute. At 150 feet of 5/16" cable, it also has a very long line capacity. Its unique spur-gear drive train and upright design are totally rugged and its braking system delivers smooth operation with superior heat dissipation. Roller fairlead, remote control on 12-ft. lead, free spool clutch and battery cables are included

Part Numbers: PN 38631 (12V DC), PN 386312 (12V DC, CE) PN 375832 (24V DC, CE)
Rated Line Pull: 8000 lbs. (3630 kgs.) single-line
Motor: 12V 4.6 hp/3.43kw, 24V 2.5 hp/3.43kw, Series WoundTM Remote Control: Remote switch, 12' (3.7m) lead
Geartrain: Spur Gear
Gear Ratio: 134:1
Lubrication: 6 oz. SAE 30 (non-detergent)
Clutch (freespooling): Sliding Motor Pinion Gear
Brake: Automatic, disc type
Drum Diameter/Length: 3.5"/8.5" (9cm/22cm)
Weight: 110 lbs. (50 kgs.)
Wire Rope: 150', 5/16" diameter (46m, 8mm diam.)
Fairlead: Roller
Recommended Battery: 650 CCA for winching
Battery Leads: 2 gauge, 72" (1.83m)
Finish: Argent Gray Powder Coat with Clear Coat
Nuts: PN 7616, L/W: PN 2146
Bolts: PN 7165
CE Winches: CE products are designed to meet European Standards. CE winches include CE labels, manuals, roller fairlead, safety hook and thimble.
Line Pull
Lbs.(Kgs.)Line Speed
CurrentPull by layer
layer/Lbs(Kgs.)073.4(22.4)55 amps1/8000(3629)2000(910)22(6.71)190 amps2/7460(3384)4000(1810)12(3.66)275 amps3/6980(3166)6000(2720)9.50(2.90)350 amps4/6620(3003)8000(3630)6.10(1.86)450 amps5/6290(2853)
Lbs.(Kgs.)Line Speed
CurrentPull by layer
layer/Lbs(Kgs.)065(19.8)24 amps1/8000(3629)2000(910)23(7.01)96 amps2/7460(3384)4000(1810)17(5.18)149 amps3/6980(3168)6000(2720)13(3.96)203 amps4/6620(3005)8000(3630)7.9(2.41)273 amps5/6290(2855) Above performance specs are based on first layer of drum

Winch Dimensions: 16.5" L. x 8.5" D. x 15" H.
(420mm L. x 220mm D. x 381 mm H.)
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10.0" x 4.5" (254mm x 114.3mm)
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