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hey all... looking for some current, relevant opinions of the badlands 12000lb winch.

i have a 1987 warn M8000 which the motor works fine, but i keep having to fuss with the electrical pack. after shopping around, the contactor upgrade kit is around $315+shipping.

currently harbor freight has the badlands zxr12000 on super sale for $299.99+tax.

net net, either option grosses at about $330 out the door. i understand that warn is high quality, made in USA, and the fact that this warn is 32 years old and still kicking is well worth taking into consideration. i'm not asking for the obvious explanation of the difference in quality between cheap chinese and expensive USA product. what i want to know is people's real-life experience with the badlands zxr, in moderate-heavy use scenarios. i confronted some guy in a parking lot about the zxr12000 mounted to the front of his JK, and he explained to me that he used it quite often (it was definitely well used judging by the outward appearance) and that it had never let him down. was he too proud to admit that his cheap winch sucks? was his judgment clouded by his affinity for jeeps? did he exaggerate his usage? did he get a good winch despite the likelihood of many being bad?

the sale ends today, and i'm half tempted to buy it and return if i decide against it. i'm well aware that some companies charge TOP DOLLAR because of the perception of their brand name cough*mercedes*cough*rockford fosgate*cough but i'm also aware of some inexpensive chinese alternatives which are very viable products.

the badlands reviews are super high, but reading through, most people leave excited reviews after unboxing or installing, without having put it to work.

school me!
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