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Warranty inspection lr3

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Changed out diff fluids day before inspection and front diff blasted fluid all over. Old stile vent. Told the trany guy to spray everything down with carb cleaner. Well got side tracked putting lube on the trans shift linkage and he didn't spray it down so the front diff fill cap is right above the drivers side bearing so the inspection guy said its leaking. Failed inspection. Talk about going up your %#@* with a flashlight, he also wrote down that there was tare in the air filter seal. Went back over to the trany guy he said WHAT and we cleaned it up. I will drive it this weekend then recheck it with the trany guy then go back over to the ford dealer. They want them looking like new for the inspection. But no noise in the rear diff or transfer case.
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The air filter seal is nit-picky of the tech... But for the rest, yeah, they do want it to look new. A company is about to agree to cover all failures from here until a certain amount of time/distance, they don't want to pick up the bill for something that is already on it's way out.

Sounds like you're getting a Ford warranty, if so, very good choice. Is there a Rover dealership with a Ford or Lincoln franchise near you?
I worked at one that had Lincoln, and Ford ESP warranties were great. Simple easy process to get stuff covered, and most things were, depending on what plan was purchased. After they got rid of the Lincoln franchise, it got a little more difficult, however was still better then a lot of extended warranties out there.
Hi, Dave; What bugs me is everything was dry before we changed out the fluids, just didn't get it cleaned up properly. The $3000 plan takes care of about everything including air suspension but not the NAV. $2600 for just the drive train $4000 for everything. Anything that would require diognostic resets could be a problem. I'm 4 hours away from that. Any of the plans will only cover $100 towards towing. On the back of the tranny there's a set of wires going into the case that was a little damp and they said that it had to be repaired. My tranny guy said it was more of just a condensation than a leak, nothing underneth it.
Yeah, the transmission valve body connector sleeve. Yours is probably just beginning to seep, but if they say something about it, you need to have it fixed before they will issue the warranty.

Be sure to read the contract very well, and see what is and what is not covered with the different plans. Some plans have limits on some repairs based on mileage, even while you're still covered. Ford plans are Extra Care and Premium Care. Premium Care is the best extended warranty I have ever dealt with, covers just about everything, and generally not too much of a hassle to deal with.

If it is just the nav system that is the difference in price, I wouldn't do it, not that many issues with the system on the LR3, although just about every part of the system is several thousand dollars. Seen a few touch sensors fail on the screen, but not common at all.
Cleaned everything up went back and passed the inspection. Went with the Ford Premium plan $4000 but covers everything. Thank's for the tips. What can i do to the front diff vent until I get the updated replacement and how do I no that its the vent and not the tube?
It is usually the cap at the end of the vent tube that will get clogged up, and prevent it from venting. You can cut the cap off, and with the fill open or the vent tube removed from the diff, see if you can pass air through the tube, I don't recommend high pressure air, as you'll splash fluid all over the place if it is still connected.
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