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ok, winter is coming. and in this part of the world, that means rain. this year, however, my Disco seems to have a short or something.

on saturday it was pouring in the morning and my truck didn't start up until i got home from work. i tried in the morning, and stopped by in the afternoon.

today i took my siblings wheeling in the hills. it seemed to work fine after a few watercrossings. the deepest i got was probably just above the rims, give or take. the radio was going completly on and off, as if the power cable was loose, so i removed the faceplate (fingers crossed). when i tried going up a gravel hill, it was running but i was getting almost no power. various idiot lights were flickering, the wipers were acting wierd, and I'm sure the headlights were dimm. after i backed down i put it in park, and shut the motor off (dont ask me why). it wouldnt start up (great) there was a truck coming (perfect) and it wouldnt come out of park (**** me). anywho, the first time i tried to start the motor nothing happened, after a minute talking to the guy in the truck i tried again and i think it turned over once and then started clicking, i cant remember what clicking means. we jump started it and on the way back down it stalled twice (had to jump it) the last time it stalled was when i was taking it out of low range.

i want to get this problem fixed, i love driving in the rain, especialy this thing. thanks in advance.

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First go and have someone charge the battery then do a load test on the battery and alternator, make sure it is not one of them.
If it is not them, start looking at connections and grounds.
Good luck,
Mike J.
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