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· Land Rover LR3 4.4 V8 black and full options !!!!
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Dear all,

I have a very big problem and I have tried already many things without any success. :complain:

Here the description of the problem and also what have already be done.
I would appreciate so so much any help, I'm really stuck !!!
Thank you in advance to everyone.

The first point is, I'm living in Liberia, no real dealers there, there is one dealer but no way, they know anything about this car, except how to charge you so much... 40US$ for one litre Water Coolant for example!!!!
Also the one who will solve the problem will not be able to see the car...
But I have tools and I have a MSV-2 from Blackbox that can help me.

Here is the description of the problem:
My car refuse to start so often, sometimes for days or weeks !!!

Suddenly the Water gauge temperature is going up, for no reason and at this time, impossible to start the engine. At this time too, the four flashers are on.
Sometimes, it's when the engine is already on, that the gauge is going up, at this moment the car suspension will go down, the RPM, the speedmeter and the distance are not working... The gauge can go up or down at any time.
More of that, I have many messages, Transmission faults, HDC not available, Special programs not available, Brake fault, Engine fault and so and so with many many lights on on the board... but again not always the same....

When the gauge is going down I have a lot less message but still some... just very few times I don't have any message or errors.

I guess that the fact I can't start the car is because the gauge is up in the red and it's a protection to not be able to start the car... but this signal is wrong !!!!
Because of this, I have tried to disconnect the Water Temperature gauge, no effect, the problem appear or disappear at any time. Same for the Oil Temperature Sensor, I have disconnet it without any result.

I have changed all the bulbs and disconnected the front and tail light, no effect. I have done this according to some forums and according to the funny way electrical schema of the LR3.
I have changed the Brake Light Switch, no improvement...
A hard reset is not helping too.

Now I have changed the battery, it means I'm sure that the battery is good quality (YUASA 90amps) and fully charged, I have checked, but sometimes the Water Temperature Gauge is going up, sometimes is going down... no reason and I'm not touching anything....
But something is new, yesterday for the first time, sometimes, when the gauge was up, the four flashers were off. Before, they were continuously on at any single time the gauge was going up. But they are always off when the gauge is normal.
It makes a difference, because I have noticed that the communication with the MSV-2 is impossible when the four flashers are on, but even if the gauge is up, if the flashers are off the MSV-2 can communicate, read faults and erase faults. It's impossible when the flashers are on.

When the gauge is down I have still many lights on with the message Transmission and blabla... when I try to erase all the faults, so often the gauge will go up ad the flashers will be on...

I have seen on many forums that we ignore the faults with starting with U.
Also I have noticed that I have some faults that are always here:
Airbag B0095 and B00D2 and HEVAC B1B78
I have been to the site: Diesel performance tuning and economy remap chip tuning for Landrover Defender Discovery TD5 Puma TDV6 TDV8 to know the meaning but it's not really helping me too much... Someone can tell me what to to solve at least these two problems ?
I don't think they are the origin of the problem, but anyway...

I have also many errors on the Body Control but they are Invalid Faults, someone knows why I have these invalid faults ?

And except that I have around 500 faults everywhere... I didn't check all of them yet...

So often, when the flashers are on, if I press the reset button for the distance trip, they are going off and even the water Temperature gauge is going back to normal ? It is so strange isn't it?
Is it possible that it can be the Oil Temperature Sensor ? Or the Water Temperature Sensor ? For me I think it can be an Electronic card module? But which one ?

As a resume:
I have changed all the tail light bulbs
Brake switch
I have disconnected the Water Temperature Sensor, Oil Sensor, the front and tail light. I have also disconnected and checked the connection on the center, the computer, the radio, the ventilation, any problem.
Same for the transmission, the gear box and the HDC and the special program down the center console.
I have cleaned the MAF and the throttle
I have checked any single fuse everwhere, they are ok, no corrosion.
I have checked the ground wires on the driver and the passenger side, no corrosion at all, they are all well conncected.

Also my goal is to find why my gauge is going up suddenly... where come from this wrong signal. If I can solve that I would be very happy.... :D

Now it's six months I have tried and tried and also waited to received some parts and tools.... I really would like to use my LR3

Thank you to everyone !!!!

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Didn't you post on the disco3 web site.... I replied there, to try and put you together with a similar person with a similar problem. It turned out in that case, there was a problem with the instrument pack... something coming apart in the back of it. ..... Let's start over I guess..

Read through this post, I think it will be useful in identifying your problem..

"Update: After a few weeks of fighting with the cluster floating in the car (unbolted and dash surround apart), so when an "episode" happened i could move it around to make it normal again... i finally did some further disgnostics... ie. poking and proding... it appears the connector was very loose (probably throwing off some of the pins), so i wedged some cut off zip ties in there as shims and it appears to work fine now! 2 weeks of driving around ok. i guess that was the problem! just a loose connection! hopefully. "

· Land Rover LR3 4.4 V8 black and full options !!!!
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Also finally it was the connection behind the instrument cluster.
I had to put something to make the connector attached to instrument cluster more stable.

It's working, so good.

Thank you to everyone !!!
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