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2002 DII w CDL Retrofit, Engine Top O/H 2013, Engi
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Hi Guys,

I came across a product called Evans Waterless Coolant recently and thought that someone on this forum might have some direct experience on it with respect to trying it on a Discovery 2.

Apparently the product offers the following characteristics:
1. Has no water as H2O (or H-OH) and therefore cannot corrode the metal parts.
2. Is based on 100% Non-Aqueous Propylene Glycol (rather than 50/50 mix with water).
3. Boiling point of 180 deg C (about 350 deg F) which provides a large differential between normal operating temps in the engine cooling system components and boiling point which apparently helps prevent cavitation.
4. Lower system operating pressure as no tendency to vaporize since temps are so far from boiling point.

etc. More at:

Evans Waterless Engine Coolants - FAQs - frequently asked questions

I know there is a passionate interest on this forum for keeping things original, but there might be some thermodynamicists out there who are interested in the potential of these things as possible improvements.

What do you think?

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Sorry, no Discovery experience, but I have used it in my Series IIA in the transplanted VW TDI for years. I have had MAJOR over temps due to various reasons(not the coolant) and after a block failure, I pulled the head(aluminum on cast block) and the head gasket was in perfect shape. I have become a very firm believer in the stuff, and when I do new head gaskets in my DI, I will run it at 0 psi with Evans.
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