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Wife wanted an LR3 (2008 HSE), we've only been off road a couple of times. My son came of driving age and the wife bought a c-class for herself (wanted better mileage) and let the boy stay safe driving the LR to school.

I haven't driven it in a couple of years and just this past weekend spent some time in it (we used to use it for road trips all the time). I was shocked that the suspension was as soft as it was. It was clear that it was not as I remembered it. My initial thought was the air springs have to be shot.

Last Friday I put it in extended height and pulled the fuse and just waited to see if it drops. Two days later still at the same height. It has 109k miles on it so this also was surprising.

This truck isn't safe and I'm worried about letting him drive it again. In trying to describe it... imagine in your car/truck (not LR/RR) that the next time you drove it that someone had removed the swaybars. Kind of like that. I can no longer avoid an obstacle for fear of rolling the truck.

It's had it's 110k or whatever, service recently and no codes and otherwise running great.

I don't know where to go from here. I was entertaining the idea of Arnott springs and a new compressor.

Any ideas?

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