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Anyone interested in meeting up and driving down to the West Coast British open house in Livermore, CA on Saturday Sept. 11?? You can read about the open house here.. WCB Open House. It sounds way cool!

I am thinking meet up around 9:30 and cruise down.. :drive: anyone in the South Bay interested???


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New to Discovery!

Hello Everyone.....
Just wanted to introduce myself. If there are any Rover events or shows that anyone knows about, coming up, I would love to keep informed. Just got into my first Discovery and lovin it. Planning on getting out to some shows after a few adjustments so we can show it around. If anyone knows of any companies that are known to sponsor Rovers specifically (i.e. tv units, satellite systems, rims, navigation sytems, etc.) , let me know. I plan to make several videos showcasing the end product and the shows (Video editor/engineer by trade).
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