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Thanks for having me. I'm a refugee from another forum that seems to have problems with Americans. I got tired of the slagging and hypocrisy and vitriol and just wanted to share the perverse addiction that is Land Rover ownership.
Hopefully, that can happen here. If not, just tell me to hit the road and I won't waste our time.;)

My ride is a 1993 Range Rover LSE with 141,000 miles on the clock. I've replaced hoses, belts, brakes, radiator, water pump, ball joints, repaired a sticky ignition barrel and other bits. I'm no master mechanic but I've been learning as I go. Right now I'm sorting out the dreaded coil spring death wobble. Replacing the panhard bushes and adjusting the the pre-tension on my swivels and replacing the wheel bearings. It was so bad that I think my cross tube is bent as well, so that will be replaced as well.

I hope that I can add my experience to the forum, providing a Yank in the house doesn't cause distress.
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