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Hi Folks,
Welcome to the LRO series forum,as you will all be aware Serg has appointed moderators to assist in running the forums and I have been appointed as the Hybrid forum moderator.

This forum is for those who feel the need to build or modify something away perhaps from the rivet counters and purists or simply wanting to build a custom landrover to suit their personality and requirements whether it be a complete custom vehicle or an engine swap or just share ideas and thoughts this is the place to do it.

For those who who dont know me Im From Cumbria,England I have owned landrovers for the last 14 years in all shapes and sizes and im totally hooked to the point I just cant bear not to have one (five at the moment) I have always done my own maintenance and major repairs so have learnt the hard way (and have the scars to prove it :) ).

Just a few guidelines for the use of the forum firstly If we could keep it about landrovers (Hybrid vehicles)

Any posts/threads deemed unsuitable will be removed if offensive or topics that get out of hand, any misplaced threads can be moved to the relevant section.

If you feel a post does need attention please contact me so the matter can be dealt with accordingly.If you feel you need to contact me for whatever reason please use the forum private messaging system and I will respond as soon as I can.

Thanks and Happy Trundling
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