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Just a FYI - This may be know to others but thought I would share since it drove me crazy.

The carpet in my 04 Disco has been wet and I couldn't find a leak at any of the doors or sunroofs.
Tried leaving it out in the rain and blasting it with a hose with newspaper spread on the floor to see if it was dripping in somewhere.

Turns out the drains from the AC were clogged and water was leaking behind the carpet which was almost impossible to detect.

There are 2 drains that exit high in the transmission tunnel near the bell housing. They originate behind the floor heater vents.
The outside end of the tube has an insert that is a cone with an X cut to act as a drain but also a check valve.
If you reach up in there you can remove them and clean them out.
Mine were packed with dust, deteriorated foam from the AC system and some mud.

I also pulled the top ends off, inserted a short piece of hose so I could blow out the hoses.

Hope this saves someone some time.
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