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Well i come to start my Freelander Today and guess what she would not start..!!

She was turning over but was not fireing.!! (Strange.??)

So called out the AA, he checked everything and sprayed some WD40 over the leads and dizzy cap, he advised me too change the Spark Plugs/dizzy cap and rotar arm as they looked abit tired.??, we left it 20 mins or so and guess what she fired up.!!! YEAH.!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

So i went to my local parts dealer to get some new spark plugs/new dizzy cap and rotor arm, and thought sod it i might as well get a new battery as well as it had worn down trying to start it for 10 mins.

nearly £130 quid later it was ok..

It took me ages to swap over the dizzy cap/rotar arm with the little bolt and the airbox being in the way, etc.. night mare.!!

I cleaned up the HT leads, battery leads etc and fitted the plugs..

She is working fine now..

Touch Wood.??
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