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Hi again from Adam, the new kid on the block with a 1996 Disco 1 with 90,000 miles.

Been reading the RAVE cd and the Owner manual regarding all the fluids. What are you guys and gals in the USA and elsewhere been using for replacement fluids for thr Disco 1? I have a 1996 and want to get all the correct fluids done for winterizing.

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We have a Discovery II and I'm starting to change everything over to Amsoil synthetic.

Engine Oil
Grade 1......SJ
SAE 10W-40 Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil
-4 to 95°F......10W-30
Above 32°F......10W-60
Above -4°F......10W-40, 10W-50
All Temps......5W-40, 5W-50
Below 95°F......5W-30
Automatic Transmission,ZF 4HP22.....AF3[1]
Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
Automatic Transmission,ZF 4HP22.....AF2
Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
Differential, .....GL-5[2]
Series 2000 Synthetic Gear Lube
SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
Transfer Case,LT230.....GLS[3]
Series 2000 Synthetic Gear Lube
SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
Power Steering Fluid.....PS
Power Steering Fluid - Not Available Through Amsoil Click here for more
Brake Fluid.....HBH
Hydraulic Brake Fluid, Extra Heavy Duty - Not Available Through Amsoil
Click here for more information

1. Alternate lubricate.
2. GL-5 is a synthetic gear oil.
3. Land Rover recommends Texaco Multi-gear 75W90R

Engine, with filter..........6.1 quarts[1]
Engine, with filter..........6.7 quarts[2]
Engine, with filter..........6.9 quarts[3]
Engine, with filter..........7.4 quarts[4]
Cooling System, Initial Fill..........14.0 quarts
Automatic Transmission, Total Fill
ZF 4HP22..........10.0 quarts
Differential, Rear..........3.4 pints
Differential, Front..........3.4 pints
Transfer Case,LT230SE..........4.2 pints[5]
Transfer Case,LT230SE..........4.9 pints[6]

1. Refill capacity shown (engine without oil cooler).
2. Refill capacity shown (engine fitted with oil cooler).
3. Dry fill capacity shown (engine without oil cooler).
4. Dry fill capacity shown (engine fitted with oil cooler).
5. Refill capacity shown.
6. Dry fill capacity shown.

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You can go round and round in circles with this one. Every one has there own favorite.
One thing I do know is use synthetic oils only, and don’t go cheap on your oil.
Synthetic oil runs cooler and doesn’t break down so easily under heat.
Mobil 1 is questionable the best. I say questionable because as a lot of roverheads are changing to Amsoil.
Amsoil being the original developers of synthetic oil and the first to introduce it in the 70’s.
If you go to there web site you will see the punch up going on with them and Mobil 1.
I have just finished doing my winter changes. I used Mobil 1 all over plus I added like I always do Lucas oil products 50/50 mix in all and 1 quart in the engine.
75-90w Diff, Swivel housing, Transfer case.
ATF in the steering, Gearbox(5spd)
And 10-30w in the engine this will change again as it gets colder.
Also put as much Lucas steering fluid in the steering as you can get.
The stuff is great and it does what it says Stops leaks, and it sticks to the gearing like S**t to a wet blanket. If it still leaks after this stuff them you have a problem.
I have also heard great stuff about Royal Purple oils,
E.g. lower heat, gas mileage, and friction. More Horse power etc etc.
I’m considering trying this next time round.
Remember rule 1. Don’t go cheap when it comes to oil. :buttrock:

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thanks for the quick responses...

I thank you but I think it would be a good idea to see what all the members are using in replacement fluids.

I have seen Royal Purple and am considering it. Just finding a local vendor will be fun. In NYC, we got five towns called boroughs to choose from with plenty of auto stores and speed shops.

Let's keep those answers coming, please

Adam :wave:

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Hello! I also have a 96 D1, and I'm not sure if the DII fluids will all be correct for a D1. I use Valvoline 10W40 in the engine, Valvoline Dexron II in the transmission, Slick 50 gear oil for diffs, transfer case, and swivel balls, although I last used a 50/50 mix of Land Rover One-Shot grease & gear oil. I use "No Leak for amber leaks" power steering fluid, as it really works & also its color makes it easier to identify from the transmission fluid leaks. Make sure that the anti-freeze is green & safe for aluminum. I don't remember for sure, but I think the brake fluid is DOT4, and yes, I change mine every year. Brake fluid is cheap, cheaper than brake parts. I also use purified water in my 50/50 anti-freeze/water mix for the expansion tank. DO NOT OVERFILL Thank You, LRW.
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