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what size are my stock speakers?

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-90 RR with the Clarion cassette player. The top door speakers and the rear ones look like 4 inches, what are the bottom door speakers? 5 1/4" ? Are they all just normal 2-way speakers? -Because all of mine sound like crap. or don't work at all, and I'm looking to replace them. Thanks
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I agree with Troverman

I have RR Classic 95 and Harman Kardon system. The sound of the system is amazing for 10 year old car. It is even better and far superior than my old Mercedes ro Audi Bose system.
Tweeters on front A pilar, 5-1/4 on the front doors, Rear 4" on the ceiling, and subwoofer generates quite impressive kick and sound. :buttrock:
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