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what size are my stock speakers?

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-90 RR with the Clarion cassette player. The top door speakers and the rear ones look like 4 inches, what are the bottom door speakers? 5 1/4" ? Are they all just normal 2-way speakers? -Because all of mine sound like crap. or don't work at all, and I'm looking to replace them. Thanks
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Not sure about the Classic RR's you are driving, but my '92 County has the
Range Rover - a/d/s stereo, 7 speakers including sub with separate level control, factory CD changer, etc--nicest sounding factory system I have ever heard. The tweeters are very heavy, they have their own removable metal enclosure, fluid-cooled, 1.5" very crisp. The mids in the top of the door are fairly small, maybe 4", yes they are paper but poly surrounds, separate amp, play loud w/o distorting. The bottom speakers are empty. Nothing behind the grille. There are two more midrange drivers in the rear roof. Then there is a subwoofer on the floor in a nice ported wooden enclosure and a huge separate amp which drives the sub exclusively. This system cranks and can drain a battery in 20 minutes or less if turned up w/o car on. This is better than the 11 speaker system in my 4.0SE and better than the BOSE stereo in my Mercedes E320.
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