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(2) Questions:

1.) Where can I find 18" wheels to fit on my 99 DISCO I? I know they make them. I say Hurricanes on Ebay for Disco I a month ago and havn't seen them since. Can someone direct me to a source that has "affordable" 18" wheels to fit Disco I? Thanks

2.) If I can't find 18" wheels...should I look into having special wheel spacers made to reduce my lug pattern down? I know of a company in CT. that will reduce my lug pattern down to Disc II size to accomodate new 18" wheels but someone told me that wheel spacers are this true? What would you guys do?

Go with wheel spacers and find any 18" wheel I want...or try to track down the next to impossible 18" for Disco I.???

Thanks Guys!!!

New to site but love the posts!!!
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