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Where do you buy your accessories?

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Hey guys, I am wanting to do things the right way (lift, bumpers, snorkel, rooftop tent, winch,drawers for back area). After looking around I am realizing this could cost a fortune...

SO where do you Buy your parts? this could be helpful for everyone! who has the best deals? and are there places to steer away from?

2004 disco SE7
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Justin at Lucky8 LLC is a great source with good prices and fantastic customer service.

PT Schram is another great source, his contact info is below. It's best to call or email him though his website is a bit lacking lol.

Two of the best hands down.
You rarely buy all that stuff at the same place, different places have different products, qualities and prices.
Give us an idea of the type of wheeling you will be doing, what items are first on your list and what is your budget?
General Parts - BP Utah
British Parts of Utah-Land Range Rover Sport LR4 LR3 LR2 Discovery Defender Freelander Genuine OEM Accessories Parts

Bumpers, rock sliders, diff guards - Tactical Rovers/4x4
Home Page

Always call and talk to someone, non of the websites for parts are all that great. About the only site i buy from without calling is Atlantic/Pacific British Land Rover Parts & Rover Accessories From Atlantic British | Discovery, Range Rover, LR3, LR2, Defender, Freelander and Land Rover Series Parts & Accessories

Some of these items have long lead times, bumpers, sliders, anything made to order and i don't think any of the sites actually give you a heads up of how long you will be waiting before the parts arrive at your door...They will however take your money promptly. I waited for almost 2 months before seeing $2000+ worth of parts show up.

Thanks guys for all your suggestions! Disco Mike I am thinking first 2-3 inch suspension lift, then exterior parts. Few occasional offroads a year but the more im out the more I want to ride!
If the Disco will be a daily driver than I'd avoid doing any heavy modifying. A good 2-3" lift from OME or TerraFirma will actually improve road manners (less corner lean and squat, improved dampening) and will get you damn near anywhere offroad. You can add tires to the package but keep in mind that you'll lose low-end torque (big tires gear it up) and take a hit on gas mileage, not to mention the addition of road noise.

Bumpers, winches, and roof racks are heavy and expensive and aren't really necessary on a road car. If you want the "look" of an off-roader you can install an a-bar and some running boards. The running boards act as nerf bars or rock sliders and will keep the car free from most light trail damage and the A-bar will protect the radiator and front end from minor bumps. They won't help in anything major - 5000 pounds of metal has a lot of momentum. They're much lighter and more affordable than a full steel bumper kit. Used parts show up all the time.

The best thing you can do for any offroad adventures is to get your car in peak mechanical shape. Plugs, wires, an air filter, and quality oil do wonders to improve the grunt you need to get around obstacles, and fixing the Three Amigos (if you have them) is absolutely paramount. You won't get many places with your ABS and TC disabled. A cooling system upgrade with a low-temp thermostat and green fluid will ensure everything stays nice and cool on the trail.

I have an '03 SE with a "Medium Duty" TerraFirma lift and street tires and I've been all over the sugar sand trails and mud holes of north Florida without so much as a hiccup. Skips through them like a mountain goat.
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Bosnian! thats so helpful! I gotta admit the look of it is something I am keen on (aren't we all). I just added on 275s mild AT tires. So great on the road and still can do some off roading. I am about to do Mikes full service list, and am really interested in adding the low temp thermostat? where do you find one at? Also where do you find the A-bars? sounds right up my alley :)
You might want to send me your number, there is a lot you need to look at prior to throwing parts at your truck.
Send me your number and lets talk.
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