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which one

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Ok so I have been messing around with classics for awhile now. I have a 1994 lwb with 110 thousand miles on it that I just put back in service after a six year non op. The head gaskets were blown. The truck runs great now with working eas air conditioning too its in the paint shop now. I just picked up a clean p38 that I'm going to fix blown head gaskets on now.I cant decide which one to hang on to one will be sold what do you guys think?
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That's what I have heard. Today I drove a grey market classic that has a 4.2 with a five speed stick. This truck is going to be registered as a 1975 model. I'm trying to get it. The truck needs some work but we went for a little trail run and it was sweet like no other I have driven a great rolling project.
The five speed 4.2 has turned out to be a 1984 model. I was hoping to get it as a75 for smog test waivers. I cant make up my mind to trade my 1988 mustang gt for it.The mustang is clean but I'm drawn to this classic is there much demand out there for an old grey market 5 speed classic with a 4.2.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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