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Which transmission fluid, Lifeguard 6 or Pentosin ATF1?

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I have a 07' LR3 HSE and was planning on changing out the transmission fluid and filter. I came across the Pentosin ATF1 fluid that states it's compatible with Land Rover. Is it okay to use or is the Lifeguard 6 the fluid to use?
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Is there a big price difference ? I would stick with the ZF fluid if not - but it is quite probable that there are other fluids that are OK - ZF doesn't make fluid - stuff comes from shell or somewhere like that ...with ZF specified additive package - which can't be that hard to reverse engineer by someone like Pentosin - but there is no incentive for either ZF or Landrover to spec alternative fluid - they want to sell their own stuff at good margins ....
The Pentosin is $59.99 for a 5L bottle where the Lifeguard 6 is $22.95/L.
I still would;t risk smooth operation or worse of my $5K transmission to save $50 .....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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