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Hi guys,

I'm in this long-winded process of making repairs to my '01 Disco, but as I was under the hood this morning I noticed a couple of things:

1. My MAF has obviously failed. I got the resulting P102 and P1884 engine codes last week. HOWEVER, when I examined the air filter, it did not look *that* bad, but I am still not aware how manufactured it as there is no logo or branding on it. Is it a K&N MFA killa' air filter? I don't know. Image below.

I also noticed that some locking mechanism connecting the airbox to the MAF sensor appears broken. Would this cause the MAF device to fail or at least, produce the two aforementioned codes? Image below.

2. I took a couple of pictures of my oil leak(s). Given the area where the leak is, would you happen to know the severity of the leak and if they would call for an immediate remedy?

3. The alleged brake leak: Some time ago, I posted about my red brake light on my dashboard and the low level of brake fluid in the reservoir. But then I was informed about the red brake light warning in connection with my ABS Amigo issue. If you look at the picture, you'll see that at *one* time there was a brake fluid leak that obviously stripped away the black paint on the brake booster. However, that area has not been "wet" with leaking fluid ever since I've owned the vehicle for the last six months.

What gives? Is it a really a bad master cylinder or the complications of the ABS Amigo issue or both?

Thanks for your help.

Advice, suggestions and critical feedback welcomed.

Pictures under the hood:
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You have a lot of good questions that will take time answering, might want to PM me your number and I'll be glad to call and walk you thru this.
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