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Wierd Keyless entry issue

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When I push the lock button on the keyless control, the locks go down, but then, almost instantly, the driver's-side door lock pops back up, followed by the rest of them. I am now locking with the key to actually lock the doors. The only thing I did since it worked w/o issue was try the lock on the passenger side with the key. The manual mentions an inertia switch, but the vehicle was parked when it started acting up.

Any ideas?

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I think that you may have a bad door light switch. That causes the system to believe that it has a door open. Good Luck! LRW
K12 - how quickly do your dome lights go out? If it is within about 30 seconds then your door switches are probably Ok. If it waits 8 minutes then you have a switch issue. The Rover will turn its dome lights off after 8 minutes to save the battery if a door is left open. Good Luck, LRW
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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