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I am dropping the headliner to have it renewed and thought that while I was at it, I would replace the "useless" fat rails with the more practical pre-2004 ones, which seem to be readily available and cheap.

Does anyone know whether the mounting holes between the 2004 and pre-04 rails are compatible?


Otherwise, the motor my son and I rebuilt with flanged sleeves is running well, with 3,000 miles on it, though it seems to still be consuming some oil: about 1.5-2.0 quarts over that 3,000 miles. Would this be typical for a new break-in? BTW, we used break-in motor oil for the first 500 miles, then replaced it with regular 10-40W.

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I am pretty sure the roof rails will fit although they are not much use on any model year. They will not hold much weight and are not contoured to adapt to most racking systems.
Best bet is a gutter mounted system that clamps on at the drip rails above the doors.
I have never been able to find any use for the factory racks and expect they are mainly there for aesthetic purposes.
I removed mine and plugged the holes.
Installed a full safety devices rack that I picked up cheap locally, cleaned, sanded and repainted it. Works great for anything, bikes, cargo canoe, kayaks (3)
Sorry picture keeps loading upside down and my 13 year old is not home to help me with the I.T. Stuff:smile


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