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Windshield help!!

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Hello all:

I need some advice; three times before my original warrant expired I when to the dealer and told them abouth this horrible tapping noise on or around the dashboard whenever my truck was full with gas or heavier on the back. Everytime, they said they could not replicate the sound. Perhaps, It could be my windshield hitting the plastic pannels in the lower section of the dashboard!!

For the last 10 days it has been raining here and New York; about three days ago, a noticed a squeaky noise in the middle of the left section of the windshield. A day later I filled up the tank headed home; as soon as I hit the first bump on the street, the whole windshield shook. it looks like the entire front glass got separated from the body of the truck. Since I was using the wipers I did not notice but yesterday while I was driving whenever I hit a bump both wiper arms shake as well probably because the glass is loose. It is very scary to see the windshield shake, it you push it with your fingers from the inside it make a crackling noise. A short drive on the highway let me noticed that wind noise is coming in from the borders of the glass.

What should I do? I bought the extended warranty on the truck before my original expired. I don't know if this is covered. I know about the rattles and leaks not covered on the extended warranty but this is not a small thing. Should I take to land rover or should I look for a good glass shop. Can I just replace the gasket and remount the windshield or don't tell me it is a Land Rover and the whole thing needs to be replaced. I am a bit nervous on this entire situation, I need to fix it before starts raining again.

Again friends honest suggestions, I know the windshield replacement is not cheap. I need to know my options for tomorrow.


'01 SE7 SLS & ACE
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If it fell out, it is probably an aftermarket install. FYI, the windshield isn't covered for leaks by extended. They are almost always covered by the original installer for life. Extended warranties do cover inoperative heating, however. So if one side of your windshield did not heat, they'd have to repalce it and it would be covered...
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