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Windshield Wiper Part

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Hey guys,

I know this probably seems pretty trivial, but the other day I was changing my wiper blades and I noticed something was missing off of the passenger side wiper assembly. I'll include some pictures so you can see what is missing. It's the piece on the underside of the wiper that's missing.

Nonetheless, I'd like to know what this part is and if it's something easily replaced, because in all honestly it looks very strange without it. Also, if it is easily replaced where can I find this part?

Thank you,


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Mine is the same way. I think its the way is came from the factory.
That is normal.
I guess you're right. I think I just noticed because I was changing out my blades and I thought to myself that it looked a little strange like that, and figured it was supposed to be paired up. I wonder what the function of that part is and why only the driver side had it.
It provides downforce on the wiper blade
Ok, excellent to know. Thank you guys I appreciate it. Stupid question, but I just had to ask.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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