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Sounds like you need to do a complete fluid change since you don't know when they were last done.
2 gallons on coolant
7 quarts of 80/90 wt. oil for the t/case and both diffs.
6 qt.s of a good engine oil plus a really good filter like a 3001 K&N long filter.
1 quart of power steering fluid
3 pints of dot 4 brake fluid
and a grease gun, with synthetic grease for all the grease jerks on the drive shafts and any steering components.
Swivel grease or oil for your front axles.
Additives for any of these fluids, gas, tranny, power steering engine crank case.
So how mechanical are you??
You shouls also be looking at your cap and rotor, plug wires and plugs and O2 sensors.
Where are you going to start??
Mike J.
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