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My wipers would not park so I sourced a used motor supposedly in working order and started digging out the old one. Couldn't they have made it a little easier to get to :mad: ! Switched out the motors and test the newer one. Damn thing does not park either and the intermittent position (which is constant) does not work all the time. So I tear into the dash to have a look at the switch and relay (Yes I know the park is controlled in the motor, but I was hopefull). Obviously they still don't park.

I now know a lot more then I did about my Rover. The cowl is a PITA to remove/refit. A pointer for all who are on the smaller side... you can stand on the hood hinges when refitting the cowl :eek:

End vent.

How does one fix the park feature in the motor? And is there a way to check the wiper motor out of the body to see if it is working properly?
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