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I just found a couple days ago my 2001 Td5 would not glow plugs lit up, but everything short of starting the car did work.

Finally took a look at the fuses under the passenger seat, and there was oil covering the bottom, and oil in the red connector to the computer. I thought "Uh, that's not good" (brilliant, aren't I?)

Took the computer to the shop, bought contact cleaner, the engine did fire and I took it to the dealer, who somewhat suprisingly diagnosed the problem sight unseen, almost as if they had seen this many times before as a problem with the wiring harness that lets the oil from the engine go back into the fuse/computer area, and that replacing the entire harness would be necessary (about $175 with labor). They are working on it now.

My question: Has anyone else had this problem? Is this a factory defect, and if so, does Land Rover cover this? This seems so bizarre, yet I saw the oil everywhere, really quite odd.

Your thoughts, answers or suggestions would be most appreciated.
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