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I've been having a starting issue with my 1993 SWB. A few months back it wouldn't start after being parked for a short time. Took me awhile to find that the fuel pump fuse (the one under the passenger seat) was blown. Replaced it, started no problem. The same fuse blew 2-3 more times over the next couple months, and then got to the point where it would blow instantly when I tried to start it, so I replaced the fuel pump. It started right up, and I had zero issues for a couple weeks.

After those joyous two weeks it started to become more and more difficult to start. At first it would start, but require 3-5+ seconds of cranking, and usually a second attempt. Always ran fine after I got it started. Now it just won't start at all...

Replaced fuel filter, still no go. Fuses are fine. I'm pretty sure I can hear the pump prime when I turn the key. Also, I had noticed a pretty strong pressure release "whooshing" sound when removing the gas cap the last several times. I don't remember if this started before or after I replaced the pump, but it's definitely a new issue.

Looking for any ideas, what to check next, etc. I've been sort of stuck on it being a fuel issue, but maybe it's something else?
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