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Hey guys,
I've had the disco 95 for 3 years. Two days ago, I attempted to replace the cable going from the pick up base in the distributor to the relocated amplifier module. Didn't happen, the 2 pin connection wasn't a match. I plugged the cap for the distributor and the cables accordingly, followed by the coil.
I start the car and it fires up, however there was a strong knocking sound, it was shaking the engine( kinda like a popcorn noise)
Ended up finding it was a piston gone bad from my LR mechanic. He advised to swap it.He's charging me $1500 (engine & labor) Is it worth swapping ? I know I invested on 3'' lift and new brake discs/pads back in June. (I rarely drive the car to school) but I guess that's a loss.
I am wondering if it's worth it, or if anyone here is willing to take it as is in its entirety for parts, other than the engine, the car is in good shape for 18 years. 124k miles :)

Thanks everyone.
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