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Would these fit my RR?

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Hopefully, all going well, I should be able to pick up my RRC on Saturday next.
I would like to get
these alloys for it at a later stage - would they be suitable?

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looks like

yeah it looks like they will.
but if u plan to go off road at all u may not want these on, they are too pretty for a RR
not sure bout that

will find out and let u know in some time may be a couple of hours
save your money are going to need it for repairs to the classic.. PS from the looks of that link i doubt they make a wheel to fit the bolt pattern of the classic... In fact for years there wasn't much choice for range rovers except for the factory ones. You can get ugly steel wheels for cheap, and there are more choices for the newer Rovers with the smaller bolt pattern, but for the classics.. I think you are out..

are you trying to basically put street wheels on this.. bling it out?

Bolt pattern is 5 on 6.5"

Check out this link..its very
Any alloy for a Defender or Disco I is interchangeable with the Classic. There is also a kit available so you can fit the newer style wheels from a P38 Rangie or a Disco II to your Classic.
and where's this available?

i've seen the hub adapters here - click on the wheels and tyres link on the left. Plus the site is worth exploring.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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