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I loved having Apple Play which allowed me easy access to Google Maps and music, but I hated having to connect a cable to my iPhone every time I used it. I also hated having the loose cable in the car. I always dreamed about getting an update for wireless apple carplay. My friend told me he bought a carplay adapter that can convert wired carplay to wireless carplay. It's great for me! Then I asked him for the link and placed the order.
When I got it, I thought it was really worth my money. It works flawlessly on my car. The setup is easy and the re-connection is pretty fast, plug and play. Just plugged it in and followed a couple of simple prompts on the screen. I paired it to my car in less than three minutes. Once paired, it boots carplay automatically each time I start the vehicle. It connects immediately when I get in the car and shuts off automatically after I get out. As soon as I start up the car it takes about 3-5 seconds for the infotainment system to wirelessly connect to my phone. There is about 1 to 2 seconds of delay on the audio side but that’s totally fine. A extra feature of the device is a USB passthrough so I don't lose a USB port by using this. The key is that the adapter can also charge my phone! This is really convenient!
The adapter is quite small and smaller than I thought it would be so it’ fits nice in the center console tucked out of the way. In the past, I have to take my phone out of my pocket and plug it in every time I get in the car, then take it off and put it back in my pocket every time I get out, it becomes a hassle. Now obviously, I don't have to pull my iPhone out of my pocket or bag if I don't want to. lol.
Here is the photo after installation.
Plant Automotive design Car Communication Device Gadget
Plant Car Vehicle Automotive design Personal luxury car

This CarPlay adapter made the whole experience really wonderful. I am satisfied with it. It works well, no issues so far!
I am so excited and would like to sharing this. I LOVE HAVING WIRELESS CARPLAY! The price is also reasonable, less than $85. It's definitely worth it!
If you love wireless carplay as much as I do, I recommend you try this. lol.
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